About KlikDaily

We are revolutionising the online and offline micro and macro-retail sectors. With a firm foothold in Indonesia as the leading online platform for online and offline micro and macro-retail needs, we have extended our innovative solutions to the European market. Our mission is to empower businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of digital transformation and market dynamics in Europe.



Micro-Retailers & SMEs

For businesses looking to grow, KlikDaily offers scalable, efficient solutions. Understanding the unique challenges faced across Europe, we provide tools to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement.


E-commerce Platforms

We support businesses aiming to optimise their operations, offering insights and analytics to understand and adapt to consumer behaviour.


Large Retail Players

KlikDaily empowers established and not-yet-established businesses to innovate their strategies, integrate sustainable practices, and leverage comprehensive market intelligence for informed decision-making.

Our Investors



KlikDaily harnesses the latest in digital technology to power businesses. We support white-label products through comprehensive web, app, and delivery solutions, ensuring our partners have the tools they need for success in an increasingly digital age.



Our commitment to improvement and growth is mirrored in our partnerships. We believe in progressing together with our clients and partners, fostering a community of continuous development and mutual success.




Amos Gunawan

Founder - CEO of KlikDaily

KlikDaily emerged from a vision to empower the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, playing a pivotal role as a business solutions provider. Recognising efficient business operations as a lifeline for business success, we aim to ensure that even the most remote regions can benefit from our services. Supported by a strong network of partners, we are fueled by ambition and optimism for continued growth, aiming to strengthen the European economy through enhanced business solutions.


Indra Dhanurendra

Co-Founder - CTO of KlikDaily

In a world where technology is always advancing, driving efficiency and speed, KlikDaily remains at the forefront of innovation to offer ease for businesses across Europe. From its inception, KlikDaily has been driven by a social mission to empower small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling their growth through the strategic use of technology. Our commitment is to continually adapt and evolve, ensuring that European businesses not only keep pace with technological advancements but thrive because of them.